Franchise Financing

Franchise Financing Options for Everyone

Opening a franchise business can be a smart choice for any entrepreneur! You can follow the steps to a profitable enterprise by sticking to the carefully planned blueprint provided by the master franchise. The flexibility of owning your own business, together with the added security of being part of an existing brand, is what draws most people. After all, this will allow you to focus on the daily operations without worrying too much about sales and marketing, as most franchising brands already have an existing audience.

In addition to your own funds, your business investment will require some funding. The start-up cost picture of any franchise is complex and varied, so your franchise financing program should allow for a lot of flexibility. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to this business, are taking over an existing franchise, or trying to find more working capital for your current franchise. The best loan packages are often a combination of some of the following options.

Conventional Loans

401(k) Rollovers

SBA loans

Lines of Credit

Term Loans

Equipment Leasing

The No Failing Services Franchise Financing Program

Let our franchise financing experts guide you through the process. We start with a prequalification talk and basic cost-of-capital analysis.  Doing this early on in the financing process allows us to find a solid funding strategy that works for nearly every case!

Once you’ve decided to work with us, you will have access to a long-term financing program, allowing you to reinvest at any time to keep your business growing. Our flexible fund options can counter any expenses incurred by new franchise owners. With stable interest rates, you can more accurately predict your monthly overhead, avoiding nasty surprises.

Program Parameters and How to Qualify?

When applying for a Franchise Financing Program, you need to possess certain qualifications. And don’t forget, the franchiser might have some requirements to live up to as well. Here are a few things to look into to guarantee a successful application.

  • We advise you to check your complete credit history before applying for any franchise financing program, including your small business credit score, if you’re looking for extra cash to use with an existing business.
  • Almost any kind of SBA or conventional business loan – which are often a part of your total financing package – will require some down payment as collateral.
  • You’ll have to submit a business plan, so be sure to prepare your financial information for this purpose, including revenue and expense forecasts, P&L, etc.
  • Prepare a file on the franchise. We love to see whether you’ve chosen to partner with an established and successful franchise brand or a new player in the field with great potential.

No Failing Services offers terms up to 25 years, with interest rates as low as 6 percent, the possibility of getting extra working capital at any time, and no prepayment penalties! This program is open to new investors and first-time owners as well. We guarantee fast closings and commitments. Contact one of our associates today for more information.