Healthcare and Medical Financing

Financing for All Your Healthcare Needs

At No Failing Services, we offer healthcare financing programs, including debt consolidation, for medical professionals and individuals alike. Are you looking to grow your business or finance procedures for your clients? After all, not everyone has health insurance, and even if one does, not all treatments are fully covered. Whether you’re running a veterinary clinic, medical imagery office, dental practice, or you’re a chiropractor, come and talk to us about medical financing. We’ve got keyhole financing solutions ready for you.

Growing Your Business

There are several ways to grow your business as a medical professional. One possibility is expanding by taking over a similar practice, going into a joint venture, or buying out your partner. If you’re a registered and qualified medical professional with a successful business, you could receive full financing for your expansion plans with No Failing Services.

Working capital can at times be a bottleneck for the most successful of businesses. Having money to pay the bills is important! We don’t require any upfront payments for this type of loan, and they aren’t reported to personal credit bureaus. We care to help you keep your practice open and continue serving your community!

One of the biggest investments you’ll ever make as a medical professional is your equipment. It’s often so prohibitively expensive, buying it outright is neigh impossible. Leasing can provide your practice with the needed tools to diagnose and treat your patients at a fraction of the cost.

Offer Financing Options to Your Patients

Healthcare financing can improve the well-being of both your patients and your medical practice. Clients with insufficient funds can receive the care they deserve, while you’re getting paid on time. Offering patient financing is a sustainable solution to increase your client base, grow your revenue, and improve your provider-patient relationship.

Upsetting this relationship can be detrimental to your business success. Furthermore, it is stressful and distracting for a medical professional to chase patients down for money. With the No Failing Services medical finance programs, your patients will be clear on the terms and conditions of this budget-friendly payment plan, allowing them to respect payment deadlines with ease.

Not all medical costs, elective or other, are covered by your standard health insurance policy. Offering medical loans can provide your patients with the flexibility to get the procedures they feel they require. These types of loans can also offer salvation when they incur unexpected hospital bills and extra costs on planned medical treatments.

Some procedures may be considered elective, but they are necessary to improve quality of life. Whether it’s LASIK eye surgery, a fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, orthodontic interventions, a life-saving gastric bypass, or hair loss treatment, No Failing Services can help your business make these treatments more readily available to your patients.

Get in Touch!

Our financial advisors are waiting to answer all questions you might have about medical and healthcare financing. Contact us now to receive the working capital your practice needs. We will gladly review your application and find a tailormade solution that’s just right for you!