Small Business Loan

Move Your Business Ahead with an SBA Loan

When taking out a small business loan at No Failing Services, you can rest assured that all of them are approved by the Small Business Administration. It’s by far the safest way to support your business’s growth to the next stage. Whether you need funds for equipment, a takeover, or financing business property, we guarantee quick and reliable funding.

What’s the SBA?

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal agency helping small businesses get any emergency funding they need. Currently, their focus lies on alleviating economic hardship caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. They support a variety of Small Business Loans in a wide playing field, suiting everybody’s needs.

Contrary to what you probably think, it isn’t the SBA footing any of the cash. They are merely there to ensure certain guidelines for loans are established. On top of this, the SBA also guarantees a portion of all the Small Business Loans they support. Because of this, SBA loans are very low-risk, allowing No Failing Services to fund as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Whatever You Need, SBA’s Got It Covered!

  • Do you need some capital to purchase professional equipment? An SBA Loan might be the perfect solution for you. No Failing Services will put these common heavy types of equipment within easy reach:

Laundry Machines

Dry Cleaning Equipment

Printing and Binding Tools

Large Machinery

Medical and Dental Equipment

Diagnostic Tools

Automotive Machinery

  • Did you know you could even buy an entire small enterprise with a Small Business Loan? Whether you’re taking over the local grocery store or your favorite breakfast place, No Failing Services can make it come true. Financing this loan is based on the current cash flow, business plan, and marketing efforts. In less than two days, a prequalification can be given to you or an associate to finance 80% of your acquisition!
  • Applying for a loan is often the best way to finance various property needs, such as renovations, refinancing, purchases, and building. Here are a few of the most common properties we work with at No Failing Services:

Child Care Facilities

Hotels and Motels

Automotive Repairs and Gas Stations

Car Dealerships

Veterinary and Medical Practices

Real Estate Costs

Great Benefits

Qualifying businesses can earn a loan up to $5 million with competitive rates and flexible terms, financing 90% of the total cost. Fixed and variable rates are both available in our 7a and 504 programs. Terms of up to 25 years carry no prepayment penalties, don’t have balloon payments, and are fully amortized. If you’re really in a pickle and need some quick cash, the third type, an SBA Express Loan, might be a solution.

Applying for an SBA Loan is straightforward. You’ll need to show two years of business and personal tax returns, a YTD balance sheet and P&L Statement, and your Debt schedule. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact our office today to speak with an expert financial advisor. There’s no obligation, and prequalification is fast and easy.