Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Fund Your Business with Real Estate Value

If you’re looking to buy or refinance a commercial property, Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans can be a better fit than traditional commercial financing. One certain advantage is that this type of loan can get approved much quicker, as fewer documents are involved in qualifying.

At No Failing Services, we offer loans that focus on the value of your real estate, which can offset any flaws you might have in your credit history. If the property income value can cover the mortgage, taxes, and insurance, a Stated Income Commercial Loan can easily be approved.

We are open to working with all types of properties, including restaurants, office and retail real estate, apartment buildings, and warehouses, to name just a few.

The Loan-to-Value Range (LTV)

State Income Commercial Loans are quite different in their appreciation of value, with a few parameters specifically linked to the type of real estate you’re trying to use for financing. The kind of property you put up against a stated income loan impacts the LTV rate you can earn. Here are some examples.

  • Office buildings, automotive services, retail locations, and self-storage facilities can earn an LTV of up to 65%.
  • If your investment property is non-owner occupied, meaning you don’t live there, and it has less than five units, you can earn up to 70% of LTV.
  • Any mixed-use and multifamily properties with five or more units will possibly earn you up to 75% LTV.

The Amazing Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Loans

Conventional banks offering traditional loans will require upfront fees, collateral, and lots of paperwork. Our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans at No Failing Services consider property value first, before any personal financial history. A qualifying credit score of 600 is sufficient to earn a loan of up to $500,000, with fixed amortized rates! You’re free to use these funds as is best suited for your business. For example

Debt Consolidation and Refinancing

If you pay off your IRS debts, consolidate equipment leases, credit card debts, and other monthly expenses, you could be saving some serious money! Do you have a high rate or balloon mortgage with adjustable and fickle rates? No Failing Services offers long term loans with fixed rates that will never balloon or adjust. Please find out how much we can save you today!

Property Purchases and Improvements

What if you’re paying rent on a building that’s perfectly suited for your business and it comes up for sale? Or did you spot yet another investment property to add to your commercial real estate portfolio? Do you already own a building but need an expansion or necessary renovation? No Failing Services will help you finance it! We even offer working capital solutions to bridge any gaps in revenue due to a dip in productivity related to construction or restoration works.

Don’t hesitate to contact No Failing Services to get all the information you need on our Commercial Real Estate Loans. Our designated financial advisors will gladly answer all of your questions.